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Funding Contact

To donate or suggest possible funding sources, please contact us here

Funding and Donations

Herscu Laboratory is in need of funding and donations to support current and future influenza research, as well as our ability to efficiently make the results of this research available and usable through avenues such as this website. As we have found in the literature, there is scant scientific evidence for the efficacy of homeopathy in specific disease areas. What is needed is more high quality clinical trials, and although we have begun this process with our own limited resources, it is critical that we get funding for large scale trials. Most of the effort that has gone into this work so far has been possible through the dedication of volunteers, and although that will continue to be the case we cannot move ahead with larger scale research, monitoring and tracking, and database and infrastructure development without new sources of funding.


We are now seeking funding sources for the following project areas:



If you are able to help fund these projects, make any general donation towards further research, or have any information or contacts regarding potential funding sources in these areas, please contact us at Thank you for your interest!