Influenza Research in 2008-2009 continued

With our basic tools and study design methodology chosen and tested, we were ready to move on to the next phases of study.  We were in the process of looking for an additional location to run the study this year, somewhere flu incidence is still on the rise or at least present, when initial news on the Swine Flu was airing from Mexico City and California.  Rather than continuing on to further trials this year, we are focusing our efforts and resources on this new outbreak, sharing what we think is going on and revealing the tools and methods we have been developing in the course of these studies. 


Below is the 2008-2009 questionnaire for influenza that we developed and used in the clinical trial.  Further discussion follows, including the tie-in to what is currently happening with the swine flu.


Nux vomica CPG












































The remedy for the genus epidemicus for 2008-2009 was and still is, Nux vomica.  Please note that the vast majority of patients in the midst of this influenza will not have any of the key notes or common features of Nux vomica, which is why homeopaths did not give and may not think to give this remedy. I am not going to describe the reasons for this problem here, or the systemic problems within our profession.  Instead, I just want to highlight one thing here, before moving on. The purpose of this tool is not to make someone into a homeopath, rather it is designed for just one purpose; to find a single remedy, from all the possible remedies, during a discrete period of time and possibly in a particular area.  Moreover, the tool cannot be theoretical.  It has to fit the symptoms that the patients who need this particular remedy are exhibiting in this particular situation. The last question of the questionnaire is a perfect example of that. People needing Nux vomica tend to be irritable, but during this epidemic, the irritable people needed Bryonia, and the people needing Nux vomica were dull, flat and indifferent.


To read more about how this tool applies currently within the Swine Flu epidemic, see the "Current work on Swine Flu" page.