Influenza Tools - Genus Epidemicus Prediction Guides

We have just finished updating a new version of the Genus Epidemicus prediction guide that now differentiates between two commonly seen influenza presenations during this fall/winter season. We are making this version of the tool available for download to those who contact us via the form below. Please provide as much of this information as you can - we will not share it with anyone, but would like to know who is interested in using this tool and for what general purpose. After filling in the form and pressing the "submit" button at the bottom, you will be redirected to a page where you can download the genus epidemicus tool to your local computer. Please take a moment to read the text on that page which describes the two versions of the tool and what we are trying to accomplish with the data collection. If you have any problem submitting this form and downloading the tool, please just email us directly, including this same information, at


Contact Form to Request the Swine Flu Genus Epidemicus Tool









If ill, are you currently seeing a physician?

*We strongly urge you to seek qualified medical care if you are currently ill.


If ill, do you also have any diagnosed chronic disease, especially immune-function related? Please list.


What is your primary interest in using the tool?


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